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The Snow Queen

Maddie was writer, director and performer on this physical theatre 3-hander for Break Theatre, Rimini.

The traditional story was placed in a digital gaming context to help ask questions about connection and isolation in contemporary screen culture. Featuring original music, dance routines, physical theatre, chases and audience interaction, this show was created as a playful support to language learning for 10-13 year olds. It toured to theatres and schools in North Italy. 

Maddie co-wrote the accompanying workshops and educational booklet, using drama techniques for language teaching.

Writer & Director: Maddie McGowan

Performers: Maia Ayling, Ryan Murphy, Maddie McGowan

Devised by: Maia Ayling, Ryan Murphy, Maddie McGowan

Original music: Marco Maccari

Tour manager and Educational consultant: Monica Marchini

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