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Maddie is a performance maker and educator with a strong interest in socially engaged art. She has performed for many physical theatre and circus companies at home and abroad, and led, or co-led, on varied creative projects.

Her work includes directing and devising physical theatre, participatory arts projects, and creative facilitation with young people.


Past projects have included an interactive performance walk around the grounds of a never completed Victorian lunatic asylum, a multidisciplinary aerial theatre piece about the relationship between grandparents and grandchildren, and writing and creating touring shows for Break Theatre (Italy). She fuses original text, soundscapes, puppetry, movement and choreography, and has experience of site specific, promenande and instructions based theatre


Maddie loves movement of all sorts and her work is often physical, drawing from a highly physical training background covering aerial, acrobatics, yoga, BMC, lucid body, butoh and somatic movement. She relishes choreographies from the complex to the mundane and has experience leading groups of varied ages and abilities.

 She studied Drama at University of Bristol, physical theatre at Scuola di Teatro di Bologna, and circus arts at NCCA London.



Photo: Ben Hopper


Grandma's Hands

Photo: Paul Blakemore


Grandam's Hands 

Photo: Graham Burke


The Measure of Breath

Photo: Paul Blakemore


Peter Pan,

Break Theatre, Italy

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