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Grandma's Hands

My Grandmother, on my father's side, Mary Teresa McGowan, was a vibrant, joyful, potato-peeling, pie-making, Roman Catholic, sherry swilling, ciggie smoking, poetry reciting, theatre loving influence on me.

'I haven't got any money to leave you, Love', she said once. But she did gift me a love of performance, shelves crammed the length full of poetry books, and big, strong potato-peeling hands.

Extract from the first version

Performance research project about the relationship between Grandparents and grandchildren. Maddie interviewed members of the public about what this relationship has meant in their lives, and made a soundscape. Images were donated and contributed to a multimedia performance piece which featured original text and aerial choreography.



Shown as part of Circus City, Bristol's biennial circus festival. Supported by Arts council England, Circomedia, VOLT and Lab;Time.


Conceived and performed by Maddie McGowan

Director: Flick Ferdinando

Lighting; Tom Richmond

Desinger: Alison Alexander

Photos: Paul Blakemore

Click to hear a soundscape made from interviews for the piece.

Secrets and adjustments
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