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"Maddie McGowan's aerial work hints at entrapment, desire, longing...Impossible not to have any moment of it ring true for you" Exeunt Magazine

"About as immersive as circus gets... directed by the consistently reinventive Silvia Mercuriali...a slick performance" The Upcoming

Circus performance meets spoken word in a beautiful, and surreal journey of a young woman looking for her very own interpretation of The Perfect Woman.


Performed by aerialist Maddie McGowan and writer Talia Randall, and directed by Silvia Mercuriali (il pixel rosso and rotozaza) Expectation is a 20 minute immersive performance in which the audience is called upon to look, judge, laugh and celebrate the different faces of femininity.


Join them as they build, push and squeeze The Perfect Woman until she falls flat on her face and disappears. 



Funded by Arts Council England

Commissioned by the Roundhouse for CircusFest 2014

Devised by Talia Randall, Maddie McGowan and Silvia Mercuriali

Written by Talia Randal

Aerial choreography by Maddie McGowan

Directed by Silvia Mercuriali

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