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Aan Dheelno! Let's Play!

Aan Dheelno! Let's Play! is a bi-lingual creative play project exploring cultural exchange through game playing.


Participants - children, parents and grandparents - were invited to share a favourite childhood game with the group. Experienced creative play facilitators helped support, organise and initiate the activities. Over four sessions in a public park we played running games, circle games, playground/roadside favourites, sang songs and learnt rhymes in Somali and English and compared different styles of playing.

We collected our favourite games and made a soundscape - listen to it here!


Maddie worked alongside Saada Jumale from Wellspring Settlement's outreach team to create a project that would be accessible and enjoyable to people who speak varying amounts of English, and where participants of all ages could join in and have fun. This project was funded by Bristol City Council's Originators Fund.

Aan Dheelno Let's Play Soundscape
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Creative Team

Project Lead - Maddie McGowan

Project Coordinator - Saada Jumale

Facilitators - Saada, Maddie and Winston Pike

Photography - Katarzyna Sowinska

Sound Design - Jake Gaule, Submerged Tape

Support from - Annie Oliver, Ania Varez

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